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”Ink-Slinger” in this context comes from a term dating back to the dawn of the pulp-magazines. It referred to someone who wrote low-quality verbiage for money and generally had a derogatory connotation on the order of ’hack’ actor or ’’quack’ doctor. And since writers run on coffee, there’ll be a lot of THAT discussed here, too.

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Saturday Sep 03, 2022

I'm experimenting with voice-over work. This recording is an unscripted test of the aforementioned brand, type and recipe for cold brew coffee in a can.And yes, this initial draft of the explanation is rather... stark.I hate talking about myself, I hate explaining myself, I hate drawing attention to myself in any way...But there's no way to live in the modern world without 'establishing a brand' and marketing myself, so here we are.

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